Releases for April 2022

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Kitchen365 has rolled out these unique features for the month of April 2022:

1. Sorting feature on request list for clients, PM & designers

Adding sorting feature on request list pages for clients, PM & designers. Below are the sorting options available on the list page:

– Sort by created date: It will be applied by default & the data will be sorted in descending order of created date & time stamp.

– Sort by updated date: It will sort the data in descending order per the updated date & time stamp.

– Sort by due date: It will sort the data in ascending order as per the due date.


Using this sorting feature clients, PM, and designers can easily sort the list of as per due date, updated date and reated date. 

2. Made review comments optional while giving feedback (if ratings are >3)

– While submitting feedback, if client selects ratings greater than 3 then feedback comment will not be mandatory.

– But if the rating is 3 or less, the client must mention the comment so that we can understand what has been gone wrong & take corrective actions


Earlier, adding a comment was mandatory to submit the ratings even if a user is selecting 4- or 5-star ratings. We’ve observed that due to this sometimes clients skip the rating part submission. So, to solve it we’ve built a logic where if user selects rating less than & equal to 3, review comment submission will be mandatory.  Above 3 it will be optional.

3. Now PPT & PPTX files can be attached in comments

– Enabled .ppt &.pptx files to be attached in comments, so that clients & our team can share files more conveniently


Earlier users were facing challenges while uploading any .ppt file in comments. Now as we have enabled .ppt & .pptx it will be easier for both users & team to share the content.

4. Suggestive search in all filter dropdowns

– Introduced suggestive search in all the filters that have dropdowns. If the dropdown list is longer, one can easily search for the value they are looking for in the dropdown.


Enabling suggestive search helps users & designers to search for a specific record in filter dropdowns easily.

5. Created date, due date, & updated date on request list & detail can be displayed.

– Now, we have displayed all the important dates- Created Date, Updated Date & Due Date on both the request list & detail pages


Earlier some dates were visible on the list page & some on the detail page. If the user was on a specific page, he could not view all the important dates there.

To solve that, we have introduced all the dates- Created Date, Updated Date & Due Date on both the pages request list & detail.

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