Technology Rewards Program

Technology Rewards Contract Terms

  • Cabinet Supplier provides eCommerce Website on Kitchen365 platform as a service to cabinet dealer
  • Cabinet supplier and dealer agree upon sales target: $700K for the year for a Contract Term: 12 months
  • Cabinet Supplier pays Kitchen365 for development work and platform fees: $8000/year
  • Kitchen365 builds a website for dealer using their own branding and supplier list of cabinet SKUs and dealer multiplier
  • Dealer can request Kitchen365 to additional SKUs from other suppliers at an additional cost
  • Kitchen365 provides 2020 design service to dealer up to 6 designs/month (each additional $25)
  • Dealer sells cabinets through eCommerce website. Kitchen365 provides website maintenance. Kitchen365 monitors and sends monthly reports of traffic and sales to cabinet supplier and dealer
  • After term is completed:

    Dealer meets sales target and website is paid for by the cabinet supplier as part of Kitchen365 technology reward program

    Dealer does not meet sales target - Dealer has to pay a percentage of website investment back to cabinet supplier

  • Once the first term is completed, dealer can choose to stay on technology rewards program and agree to another sales target with cabinet supplier – or – leave the tech rewards program and become a kitchen365 customer or quit both programs and lose their website