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Faircrest Cabinets

Faircrest Cabinets was established in 1990 by a man with an idea, a barn, and the desire to make his idea a reality. He began cutting and milling oak trim to sell to local homeowners. Word spread and the reputation for quality and service grew. Everyone was looking for this company that cared about its customers and the quality of the products it sold.

For 23 years Faircrest Cabinets have provided an extensive line of interior wood products. This includes our own line of kitchen cabinetry. These cabinets will enhance the beauty of your home or office. The staff at Faircrest Cabinets is dedicated to treating our customers with respect. We will do everything we can to ensure your experience is a pleasant one.

This business was built by word of mouth, and we intend to continue our long history of satisfaction. We started our business to provide the best products available, be leader in customer service and provide unbeatable prices for everyone.


Faircrest needed a system in place to manage issues with Dealers and Showrooms placing orders and with their internal team to manage inventory, shipment and billing. They had lot of complaints from Dealers during the ordering experience, incorrect search results, pricing errors, discounts and order status.


Kitchen365 engaged with Faircrest leadership to understand and document all the issues- both internal and external facing. The team then built out processes which would drive success and transparency both for internal employees as well as customers. This whole process took nearly 1 month of discovery process, which involved interviewing stakeholders and Faircrest customers.

Kitchen365 brought together a team of technical and functional experts to develop a robust solution for Faircrest. The solution involved two parts, a B2B web-based solution for Dealers and Showrooms and an internal ERP solution for employees to manage inventory, billing, pricing, assembly and shipment. The team also built customized various business rules, including shipping options for RTA and Assembled products using FedEx and RnL, discounts for various Dealer groups and payment terms. A key complaint from Dealers was search experience for specific product and sku, which Kitchen365 team addressed by building a custom search solution specifically for RTA and Assembled Products.

The entire platform was built over 7 months, with weekly stakeholder meetings, testing and learning. Team faced several challenges during the project with personnel changes on both teams, but they overcame those challenges keeping finish line in mind. Faircrest leadership helped engage dealers/customers in the pilot to try out the new ordering platform. During pilot there was lot of critical feedback which the team listened to and incorporated in the solution. Since the initial rollout, Faircrest fully scaled up the platform to all their dealers and also large RTA clients with tighter inventory integration.

Kitchen365 brought the technical expertise and willingness to take on hard challenges, Faircrest team brought the leadership to own their customers and improve their experiences, and together these two companies created a robust solution that now serves more than $100M yearly transactions.

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  • 55% Sales Growth
  • 35%Leads Growth

"We are very happy with the teamwork we received from Kitchen365. It was an on-time delivery with less bugs."

Ben MayerIT Director, Faircrest Cabinets

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