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$25 per Design!

If you need more than 60 designs per month, Contact Us for Dedicated Resources & Bulk Pricing

Kitchen365 has built a team of over 100 professionally trained 2020 kitchen designers that make the sales process as easy as can be. Our 2020 Design Services deliver fast, quality designs at unbeatable prices.

2020 Kitchen 365 Design

How does it work?

  • Help your customers measure their kitchen. We have some tips and resources to help you make that happen. – Click Here
  • Upload the sketches and pictures below.
  • Select the Manufacturer and Cabinet style.
  • Add any special instructions, payment information and submit. We will get back to you with your new design within 24 hours via email.
  • Respond with any revisions that you need.
  • Send the design over to your customer!
  • It’s that simple.

We've Delivered OVER 18,711 2020 Designs

  • 3D Rendering
    24-hour Project Delivery
  • SKU Quotation List
    Includes Renders, Quotes, and .KIT Files

  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • Free 3 Iterations
    3 Free Iterations

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$25 / design
  • 3 Iterations
  • Includes 2020 .KIT File
  • Full 3D Render Presentation
  • Blueprints & Floorplan
  • CSV File for Easy Import

Full House

$50 / design
  • 5 Iterations
  • Includes 2020 .KIT File
  • Full 3D Render Presentation
  • Blueprints & Floorplan
  • CSV File for Easy Import


$1200 / month
  • Dedicated Designer
  • 60 Designs a Month
  • Kitchen & Full House Designs
  • 2020 .KIT File, Blueprints & Floorplan
  • 3D Render & .CSV File

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How To Measure Your Kitchen?

Our Measuring Guide is easy to use. This does not have to be a work of art but just a clear and accurate drawing of your space.

  • Shape of your kitchen: Draw your kitchen as it exists today showing all the walls that you think will have cabinets. Most common are L-shape, C-shape, with or without island
  • Draw It Out: Mark any openings such as windows and doorways. Also indicate any areas where cabinets cannot be installed.
  • Measure: Measure all the openings using outside edges, and fill in the dimensions. Don’t worry about most precise measurements, it is ok to round to the nearest inch.
  • Desired Layout: Feel free to draw your own ideas of what you would like and include the placement of your sink and appliances.
  • Pictures of Your Kitchen: Picture is worth a thousand words! Take a few pictures of your kitchen from different angles to include with your sketches.
  • Improve customer experience

    Give your customer the 20-20 design and comprehensive
    3D visual representation of their kitchen with newly renovated
    spaces. Our 20 20 design services will help you improve your
    customer experience. Guaranteed.

  • Promote up-selling

    Promote up-selling

    We offer up to 3 design iterations at fixed price. This will enable
    you to work with your customers and share different design
    options, show 20/20 design sketches, ideate and in the process
    up-sell additional products.

  • Order Fulfillment

    Improve order fulfilment

    Along with final 20-20 design, we also deliver SKU quotation list,
    KIT files and project blueprint – making it easier for you to send
    your order to Distributors and ensure accurate order fulfilment.

  • Team


    We hire the best! We have built a team of engineers with design
    expertise. They will use your hand sketches with dimensions and
    turn them into professional computer-aided floor plans, 3D renderings, 20-20 kitchen designs. You just need to send over the measurements and cabinet style to our team and we can get you a professional presentation to wow your clients in less than 48 hours.