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We are very happy with Kitchen365 and their customer focus

US Cabinet Depot

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US Cabinet Depot

US Cabinet Depot is a leading cabinet distributor in the United States. Their commitment to exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality, price, and service has been a driving force behind their success. US Cabinet Depot is steadfastly devoted to exceeding customer expectations by offering products that excel in terms of quality, pricing, and service.

US Cabinet Depot also holds the reputation of forward thinking and leveraging technology to improve customer experience and reduce operational cost. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has cemented US Cabinet Depot’s reputation as a trusted provider that consistently goes above and beyond to fulfill their commitments.


US Cabinet Depot had been facing challenges with their order management platform and their technology partner were failing to understand the intricacies of the cabinet industry processes, leading to communication gaps, technical shortcomings, and functional bugs in their system.


US Cabinet Depot engaged Kitchen365 to take on their ongoing technology challenges and help them solve quickly. Kitchen365 team quickly assembled a team of experts with cabinet industry knowledge and technical know-how, partnered with US Cabinet Depot leadership and operations teams to map out processes, and documented challenges.

Kitchen365’s thorough understanding of Magento – solution US Cabinet Depot has been using for their order management – allowed the team to address the technical and functional challenges that caused pain points for US Cabinet Depot staff and their customers. Kitchen365 technical expertise and US Cabinet Depot leadership commitment to drive change, resulted in a significant transformation in their business operations. The enhanced ordering system streamlined their processes, improved communication, and eliminated cost, enabling US Cabinet Depot to better serve their customers and exceed expectations.

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    “We are very happy with Kitchen365 and their customer focus“

    Alyson KostelnikPresident, US Cabinet Depot

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