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Project Overview

Prime Cabinetry operates as a kitchen cabinetry enterprise, offering not only cabinet sales but also comprehensive assistance in planning and designing kitchen remodeling projects. Kitchen365 specializes in managing various aspects of eCommerce store operations for kitchen and bath industry businesses, including website design maintenance, customer tracking, and strategies to enhance sales.

Leading in Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

Prime Cabinetry is a luxury cabinet retailer that provides their customers with quality cabinets from top cabinet industry vendors. With a team of experts and experience in the kitchen and bath industry, and an open showroom located in Kennesaw, GA, Prime Cabinetry is dedicated to assisting their customers from start to finish on any renovation project. Their appreciation for quality products and services makes them a highly sought-after cabinet dealer.


Prime Cabinetry had a pressing need to accurately track revenue sources. Furthermore, the client aimed to expand their online website’s order volume and revenue for their Kitchen Cabinetry business. Kitchen365 boasts a track record of successfully boosting revenues for eCommerce stores and finding effective solutions for clients with eCommerce businesses. Consequently, Kitchen365 efficiently addressed Prime Cabinetry’s concerns and resolved them effectively.

Platform And Tools

All the tools implemented increase the client’s store revenue.


Prime Cabinetry’s website was built and is maintained on the Magento platform.

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4

We analyze the client’s eCommerce store traffic and search engine placement and make the necessary improvements.



We implemented this tool, utilizing CRM to manage customer data and used it extensively for Lead Nurturing.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

We manage the client’s online advertisements to further attract customers.



We focus on brand awareness & conversion campaigns.



We emphasized the importance of community and brand awareness.



We implement brand campaigns and social media engagement.



We manage our client’s products and services, while connecting them directly to their target audience.



We provided customers with visual representation of our client’s products and services.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads

We utilized this too to enable Ads in the Bing search engine.

Key Challenges & Achieved Outcomes

Reporting an Accurate Revenue Source

Our first challenge was to address the issue of data accuracy regarding a revenue source, our first step was to analyze more than 10,000 customer records and their purchasing paths. Through this analysis, we determined the various channels through which customers initially came to us. Primarily, customers were acquired through our Paid channels, followed by conversions predominantly driven by our Email Marketing campaigns. Additionally, we discovered that some customers placed orders after engaging with our client's office directly.

Drawing from this analysis, we reached the conclusion that resolving the tracking issue required the implementation of an additional top-tier analytics tracking system capable of capturing the complete customer journey. By doing so, we successfully resolved the challenge of accurately tracking revenue sources, achieving a 100% accuracy rate in identifying the source of our revenue.

Increasing Orders and Revenue

The next obstacle we faced involved boosting the quantity of orders and revenue while maintaining a minimum ROI of 3x.

To address this challenge, we took proactive measures by launching numerous campaigns across various platforms, including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, Instagram Ads, SEO optimization, and a series of newsletters through MailChimp. Following our established best practices, the results within the initial six months were remarkable, with the store experiencing an impressive 112% growth in revenue.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the client's challenges were related to inaccurate revenue sources and growth was resolved within the first six months. Prime Cabinetry also saw a major profit turnover in a matter of three months.

First 3 Month Growth

  • 139%New Session Increased
  • 29%Avg Session Duration Improved
  • 15%Bounce Rate Decreased
  • 84%Transaction Increased

"The Kitchen365 team is truly Awesome!"

B. DrumOwner, Prime Cabinetry

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