We have a new list page design on the Kitchen365 platform. Customers can now have a group view where cabinets with same style but different height and width, are pooled together. This way the customer can see all the similar cabinets like single door drawer base, double door drawer base, etc on one page making it easier for them to browse and add desired cabinets in the shopping cart. The seamless shopping experience can add a huge value in driving up sales.

We have an additional feature which allows you to display RTA and assembled cabinet styles separately. The prices will be set accordingly. This will help the customer make an informed choice by letting them compare the prices of both the options before they add the cabinets to the cart. 

The probability of your customer completing the purchase of kitchen cabinets in one session is extremely low. They will need to visit your website multiple times before they can make a final selection. For this, they need to save the shopping cart or it will be empty when they come back. Kitchen365 offers them the convenience of retrieving the items in their cart and not having to start over if they cannot finish shopping in one go.  Saving the cart lets your customer save time, and helps you cross-sell/up-sell and make more money.
Your customers can also create multiple carts and access them from their account. This way they can play with different styles/colors and make an informed decision.   

As a cabinet store owner, you not only have to manage transactions, customer service and online sales, you also must keep track of the inventory. And because of the unique situation we are in right now due to the pandemic, more and more business owners are facing the inventory challenges.  When a cabinet style is out of stock, you may feel inclined to temporarily delete the page until the style is back in stock. This may not be the right strategy for your business. The search engines may remove the deleted page from their index and that page may no longer attract organic traffic to your website. Kitchen365 platform makes is easier for you to manage out of stock styles for a certain duration at the click of a button. This can be done from the admin panel, or by contacting our service team via Basecamp.