High Impact Store-Fronts

Kitchen365 lets you create storefronts that captures the full impression of your brand and are optimized to draw visitors in to purchase your products with ease and speed. You can arrange the content on your pages, change colors and logos and other layout features with a few clicks. You can choose from a variety of features to build an efficient eCommerce website ranging from simple landing pages to fully customized portal catering to your needs.

  • Website Setup

    Once you sign up with Kitchen365, we will setup your website with a domain name of your choice. Depending upon the package you choose, we will help you setup end2end website experience and sales processes. If you currently have a website, we will help you migrate relevant content.

  • One-click Product Catalog Integration

    With Kitchen365 you get an integrated product catalog. Every supplier you sign up with, we enable one click integration in your own business catalog. You can feature all the products as it is or else you can also rebrand if you wish to. You can customize product tracking numbers and even manage your own margins and pricing at a product level.

  • Store Locator

    Enable your site visitors to find locations of your business within proximity of an address or postal code or within a selected region. This is a critical functionality to improve your SEO ranking and in the local search results in Google.

  • Responsive Website

    With responsive website, your webpage layout will automatically adjust with optimal content display for any screen size, be it a desktop, smartphone or a tablet.

  • Checkout Experience with Freight Integration

    Kitchen365 brings to you an industry leading check out experience. You can enable payment options with credit and debit cards, PayPal, Google, Amazon etc. Customers can save their credit card for repeat orders. You also get fully integrated freight integration with RNL, YRC, B2bFrightQuote. If a customer decides to save the cart and order a sample first, checkout experience enables this ease of use with a few clicks.

  • Design Templates

    Make your website stand out. Kitchen365 offers a variety of design templates you can choose from with hundreds of features specifically for the kitchen industry. With these special features, you have the ability to present your products and pricing and reach your customers.

  • Explore and Learn Cabinet Features

    Kitchen365 will allow your customers to browse all the cabinets featured on your website. Customers will use the filters to define their criteria like price, color, brand, cabinet type, etc. Further, customers will be able to review the detailed features of the cabinets using the picture gallery. With a single click, customers will be able to see the specifications, 10×10 price and watch assembly videos. They will be able to see in-stock items, compare cabinets, look at customer reviews and make an informed decision to add to cart and even order sample doors.

  • Chat Support Tool

    Kitchen365 will help you integrate chat tool on your website. This will enable your customers to reach you 24×7. You can chat even from your mobile devices.

  • SSL Security and PCI Compliance

    Kitchen365 will provide the security feature on your website that ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remains private. Your website will also be PCI compliant since you will be accepting your customer’s credit card information.

  • Cabinet Door Sample Order Functionality

    Kitchen365 allows you to offer your customers a sample door either for free or for a charge before they make the final purchase. You will be able to configure sample size, price, shipping options, etc.

  • Marketing Package

    Kitchen365 team of experts will help you optimize your website for SEO, market your website on platforms like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. As part of the marketing package, you will also get support to run marketing campaigns and publish newsletters. Combined with analytic support, this marketing package will help you understand the customer’s activities and generate more business.

  • 2020 Design

    Design, plan, and visualize kitchens with our 2020 design support. Create picture-perfect photo-realistic versions of kitchens, featuring cabinetry and accessories available in your store or online. We have professional engineers who will engage with your customers and help create a state of the art 2020 designs which will give you orders and happy customers!

  • Assembly Videos/FAQs

    Make it easy for your customers with FAQs and videos and help them assemble RTA cabinets and highlighting “how-to” videos. This feature will help you in many ways, by reducing support phone calls, improving customer satisfaction and SEO ranking too!

  • Customer Testimonials

    Kitchen365 will allow you to feature top customer testimonials which are important to establish credibility and strengthening your branding.

  • Reporting Analytics Support

    Kitchen365 will provide you with Google Analytics integration and support. Review your store’s recent activity, purchasing trends, get insight into your visitors, analyze your store’s transactions, and produce meaningful reports that provide visibility and insight into all aspects of operations with our reporting and analytics tool.

  • State of the Art Cabinet Shopping Cart

    Kitchen365 gets you a state of the art shopping cart for cabinet industry which will make shopping on your website a breeze. Customers can add, edit, empty cart. Freight integration allows your potential customers to see the full price including taxes. Customers can also compare styles for products they have added to cart. Changed your mind on the color? One click to change the color on the product. You can manage rules for shipping – free shipping, surcharge for delivery in high rise buildings, etc. You can manage coupons and specials and set rules like holidays, specific markets, or order value.

  • Coupons and Discounts

    Kitchen365 allows you to offer promotional discounts, order total discounts, stackable coupons, etc.

  • Online Quote Tool

    Kitchen365 enables your site visitors to get an online quote on your website. A customer can browse your products, look at the pricing for manufactures you have featured on your website and add to cart and save as a quote to order later. With this feature, customers can also reach out to you to get a detailed quote including freight, shipping options, etc. A customer can manage various quotes within their account including 2020 designs.

  • Cabinet Hardware

    Kitchen365 will provide a list and detail pages for cabinet hardware like pulls, knobs, trash pullout, container, etc.

  • Site Search

    Make it easy for your site visitors to search for a product they are looking for with an easy site search. This feature will allow your customer to search for a color, product, price and start shopping quickly.

  • Developer Support

    Kitchen365 has an expert team of software engineers for all your website needs depending on the package you sign up for.

  • Manage Customers, Orders and Inventory

    Kitchen365 enables user profile with social logins like Amazon, PayPal, Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. Customers can create their profile and manage Orders, Newsletter Subscription, Damage Claims, Saved Quotes, Address book and Account Information. Customer can also import 2020 design files and create quotes, and add to cart to check out instantly. They can also submit trouble tickets to engage with your business to follow through on specific products or issues.