Sales Development Representative (Ahmedabad/Mumbai, IN)

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Experience: 2 to 6 Years
Job Description

As an Sales Development Representative, your primary responsibility will be to schedule meetings and appointments for the sales team. You will be the first point of contact for potential clients and will play a crucial role in establishing initial communication and generating leads. Your goal is to secure high-quality appointments by effectively presenting the company’s products or services to prospects.

Job Brief:
  • Initiate outbound calls to potential clients from provided leads or databases.
  • Engage prospects in conversation to understand their needs and identify potential sales opportunities.
  • Explain the company’s products or services and the value they offer to the prospects.
  • Overcome objections and address inquiries in a professional and persuasive manner.
  • Set appointments for the sales representatives to meet with qualified prospects.
  • Maintain a detailed record of interactions and appointments in the CRM system.
  • Collaborate with the sales team to optimize appointment setting strategies and achieve team targets.
  • Stay up-to-date with product knowledge and industry trends to effectively communicate with prospects.
  • Excellent Communication: You must possess strong verbal communication skills to effectively engage with potential clients and articulate the value proposition clearly.
  • Persuasion and Negotiation: The ability to persuade prospects and handle objections is crucial for securing appointments.
  • Sales Knowledge: A basic understanding of sales techniques and customer psychology will help in convincing potential clients to schedule appointments.
  • Organization: Appointment setters need to manage multiple leads and appointments efficiently, requiring excellent organizational skills.
  • Active Listening: Paying attention to the needs and concerns of prospects allows you to tailor your approach accordingly.
  • CRM Proficiency: Familiarity with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is beneficial for maintaining records and managing interactions effectively.
  • Resilience: Rejection is a common aspect of appointment setting, and being resilient helps in maintaining motivation and persistence.
  • High school diploma or equivalent. Additional education in sales or marketing is a plus.
  • Proven experience in sales or appointment setting roles may be preferred but is not always required.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and meet set targets.
  • Proficiency in using computers, including basic software like word processors and spreadsheets.
  • Professional and friendly demeanor, as you will be representing the company to potential clients.
  • Successfully set a predetermined number of appointments per day/week/month.
  • Maintain a positive and proactive attitude in engaging with potential clients.
  • Continuously improve appointment setting techniques through feedback and training.
  • Collaborate effectively with the sales team to support their efforts in closing deals.
  • Ensure accurate and up-to-date documentation of all appointments and interactions.
Schedule: Monday to Friday
Opening(s): 1
Work Location:Ahmedabad/Mumbai
Job Timing:6PM to 3AM


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